Le monde de Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues s’ouvre officiellement


Le 27 Mars 2018 est à marquer d'une pierre blanche, Richard Garriot, le papa d'Ultima/Ultima Online a officiellement lancé Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, son MMORPG heroic-fantasy.

Pour ce lancement, le jeu a été mis à jour dans sa 52 qui promet encore de meilleures performances en jeu, une amélioration de l'IA des ennemis et une interface plus jolie.

Le jeu permet désormais la création de multiples personnnages qui partagent une banque commune.

Aussi, dans ce patch les joueurs pourront se lancer dans la création de tabards de guilde, personnalisables en uploadant un fichier image.

Enfin, un gros travail d'équilibrage des combats a été fait à l'occasion de ce patch avec plus de 40 changements et/ou additions, la fluidité des combats s'en portant un peu mieux.

Le patch note complet de lancement est disponible ici

Build Number 750 5:00PM


  • Avatar eyes now blink when treading water.
  • Fixed invisible waist on female nurse blouse.
  • Updated bedrolls, NPCs, and navigation AI at Jaanaford camp for NPC access to bedrolls at night.
  • Updates to localization of in-game books architecture.
  • Turned on Cabalist Robe Gloves appearance when wearing cabalist robes.
  • Pale Blue Female Shopkeeper no longer appears distorted.
  • Water can no longer be taken from the dry fountain in Quel Shardfall.
  • Fixed floating trees in Blood River Forest.
  • Heraldry banners updated.
  • Updated collision on new Brittany buildings on Novia to help keep players from getting stuck.
  • Updated the medium skin tone for female avatars.
  • Quel Shardfall battle royale spawning was updated.
  • Basement hatches are no longer sold on Crown Merchants.
  • Image optimization.
  • Faun merchants in South Midmaer Way now work properly.
  • Bertha is once again Jabbering, our apologies.
  • Fixed invisible blocker in center of Epitaph battle royale dais.
  • Boiling Oil traps now affect NPCs as well as players.
  • Fixed an issue where equipped items would be shown when completing a resource gathering action.
  • Smoothed camera movement when harvesting wood.
  • The Bear Headdress mask no longer blinks along with your avatar.
  • Fixed an issue with waypoints in Blood River Forest.
  • Fire Dancer chest equipment visuals were corrected.
  • Flechier outfit visuals on female avatars was corrected.
  • Clan of Stag Leggings are no longer invisible on female avatars.
  • Fixed shields not being allowed as decorations after Heraldry patterns are applied.
  • Updated scouts in siege encounters to ensure players always receive their quest rewards.
  • Ghostly Echoes and Mystical Mirrors quest sparkles no longer appear when the quests are complete.
  • Additions to Crown Merchants.
  • Unresponsive NPC conversations corrected.
  • Matchmaking updates for when reloading into the same scene.
  • Corrected some code exceptions.

Known Issues

  • Elysian Illumination no longer damages undead, and has a broken range for applying heals.
  • Spellbinder’s Stance does not buff Spell Critical Chance as expected.
  • Companions (Offline Mode feature) continue to be worked on for both dialogue and balance/skill usage.
  • It’s possible to enter a state where weapon trails will be visible even with no weapon drawn. Relogging corrects this.
  • The in-game map (M key shortcut) cannot be accessed on Linux clients.
  • Linux is using an older version of Unity until known performance issues can be addressed.
  • Fire is visible when dead.
  • There are ongoing issues with being able to target, heal, and flag in parties of mixed PVP-flagging.
  • Juggle emotes do not properly sync hand/item movements in low performance environments.
  • Party/Companion nameplates can be visually obscured if enough buffs are added for icons to wrap to three rows.
  • Visual quest indicators may be missing from compass. Adding the data to support them is an ongoing design process.
  • Dazzling Rays, and other caster-based AOE spells, have difficulty hitting nearby enemies in confined spaces (like narrow hallways)
  • Ring of Cuttlekin turns avatar skin grey instead of translucent.
  • Pets cannot follow players onto moving platforms.
  • If an item’s name is in Runic, its flag as “Private Property” will also appear in Runic.
  • Players with Tenant permissions on a Lot cannot place their own Player Vendors.
  • Some decorations placed in basements may shift through walls and end up in inaccessible locations.
  • Players may be unable to interact with objects via double-click if their framerate is poor. A workaround is to use the “E” interaction key.
  • Some spell VFX do not play properly
  • Some textures may look incorrect due to optimizations (white, black, pink, low resolution, pixelated, etc.)
  • Water lots in Dynamic Player Owned Towns can currently only be placed along shorelines, not on docks
  • Some pledge, add on, and stretch goal items have not yet been built and/or do not yet have tech support.

Le lien pour essayer gratuitement le jeu se trouve là

Et le jeu est en vente sur Steam à cette adresse


A bientôt dans le monde de New Britannia !


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