Tower of Time s’officialise sur Steam


Déjà introduit sur Kernel Kartel, le RPG d'inspiration old school sort de son accès anticipé et est disponible dans la version complète sur Steam.

65 succès déblocables en jeu permettent d'augmenter encore la durée de vie d'un jeu qui promet une cinquantaine d'heures d'aventure et d'affrontements grâce à un mode de combat moderne et original appelé "Arrow Time Combat System".


Le patch notes accompagnant cette sortie est disponible ici:(en anglais)

New Things
  • Final 4 floors of the tower and the conclusion to the story
  • Total gameplay time increases to about 50 hours
  • New enemies
  • New bosses
  • 15 new combat maps
  • New combat challenges
  • New legendary items, some of them with unique enchantments
  • Exploration speed setting - you can now choose between jog and very fast run when moving through the tower
  • New music clips
  • New Saves Panel - you can now have as many saves as you want and you can change the name of the saves too.


Zoom in / zoom out
This was the most requested feature. It took a lot of time to adjust the maps, but I think you will like the freedom in exploration now.

  • Heavy optimization of textures and graphically challenging areas. As a result game should run more smoothly now and total size of the game decreased from 20 GB to 15 GB.
  • Faster loading times for machines with more than 8GB of RAM. Moving between exploration, combat and city should be now very fast or instantaneous. Only when you enter a new area the loading will occur.
  • Major re-balance of the game, that includes skills, enemies and bosses.
  • Re-tuning some of the equipment and the upgrade possibilities in the forge
  • Changes to some of the enchantments
  • Changed movement speed mechanics, so it is more meaningful in combat
  • Some of the existing battles were changed to be more fun and unique
  • New skill icons
  • Improved UI - e.g. Enchanting Tab
  • Lots of new SFXs



Le jeu est vendu pour la somme de 17.99 euros sur Steam

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